Strategy, design, & creative leader

I am a zealous evangelist for the (curiously under-appreciated) truth that empathetic strategies, designs, and creative ideas can change the world.

​I am a questioner of orthodoxies whose life is a series of deep-dive spirals into new domains and concepts that inform my work and help me grow.​ I am currently obsessed with the metaverse (whatever that means), Web3.0, and what it will all mean for how we consume content both online and IRL.

I am an optimistic futurist with a pragmatic bent who believes deeply that innovation and technology are trust-accelerators and empathy-engines that help bring people together and bind them to a common cause.

I take an immodest pride in my ability to take complex stories and concepts and strip them down to their purest and most salient essentials, creating resonant, emotive, and compelling stories that move people to act and believe in new things. 

​I like books, movies, people with strongly-held opinions, weird shizz on the internet, old Land Rovers, and tardigrades.