Looking at the project, work, and utilization data in my function, it became incredibly clear to me that while we were doing lots of great work, there was also a lot of suboptimal resourcing going on, and a significant amount of work that was fundamentally repetitive, redundant, and highly transactional (read: not the best use of time or money). Even worse, not only was that resource spend not materially improving the customer experience, it was (based on survey research I commissioned) making that experience WORSE!

I pulled together a small ‘skunkworks’ team to focus on this issue. Over the course of six 2-week sprints, I pulled together an initial MVP, and reached out to C-suite leadership with our results. These led to the funding of a 12-month project which rolled out in June 2022. The project cost less than $1.5 million (in people-time and money spend) but it is conservatively predicted (and on-track) to deliver $6 million in recurring annual bottom-line savings and has served to eliminate 40% of design-touches and removed six different systems from the flow driving a 26% reduction in Design Engineering costs. 

Use the carousels below to get an overview of the process and what I did or watch the movie at the bottom for a sped-up tour through just one of the digital tools & components I developed.

A screen recording of one of the components — the customer-facing Design Assistant